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Speed Queen, a 100 year-old brand of washing machine!

Speed Queen was established in 1908 in Ripon, Wisconsin (USA). Its founders – Joe Barlow and John Seeling – started out by adding improvements to the earliest washing machines on the market. Since then, innovation has always remained at the heart of the Speed Queen ethos.

Speed Queen machines are characterized by their robustness and durability: made of stainless steel, they require almost zero maintenance. Speed Queen professional washing machines can wash large amounts of laundry in record time (30 minutes in a laundromat).

Speed Queen, proven performance
A manufacturer of professional washing machines for more than 100 years, Speed Queen is now a member of the world’s largest industrial laundry group: Alliance Laundry Systems.

For its professionalism and commitment to communities, Speed Queen has been awarded the prestigious Women’s Choice Award for several years in a row.

Speed Queen advertising in the 50s

Speed Queen advertising in the 50s

Alliance Laundry Systems, the No. 1 in industrial laundry

Alliance Laundry Systems, the No. 1 in industrial laundry

Alliance Laundry Systems brings together five of the leading brands in commercial laundry, including Speed Queen. The group offers its customers turnkey solutions to open laundromats, build integrated laundries (hotels, retirement homes, etc.), as well as laundry rooms for residential premises.

All Speed Queen professional washing machines are subjected to thousands of cycles in Alliance Laundry Systems innovation centers: Speed Queen washer-extractors are now considered the most reliable on the market.

The Alliance Laundry Systems Group employs more than 2,500 people across more than 140,000 square meters of office space and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities worldwide. Alliance Laundry Systems has its own financial branch as well as a training academy (ALSU – Alliance Laundry Systems University).

Opening a laundromat

The laundromat market

The laundromat market is booming: a significant proportion of the population does not have a domestic machine or prefers to wash their clothes in laundromat. Indeed, laundromats save time as well as water and electricity.

Where a domestic machine can wash 5 to 7 kg of linen in 2 hours, a professional machine can process up to 25 kg of linen in 30 minutes (1 hour, including drying). A domestic machine cannot always handle large pieces of laundry: some Speed Queen models have a load capacity of more than 20 kg.

The performance of professional machines is much better than that of domestic machines. In fact, the washing machines in laundromats are industrial machines whose design has been adapted for the user. But their performance is identical to that of laundries in luxury hotels.

For all the above reasons, the clientele of our laundromats is varied: men, women, seniors, students, senior managers, large families … just go into any Speed Queen laundromat to see for yourself.

Laundromats also offer numerous advantages for investors: relatively modest initial investment, reasonable fixed and variable costs, no staff costs, zero risk of defaulting, cash payment, fast ROI, easy to manage…

The laundromat market
The laundromat market
The laundromat market

Speed Queen helps you start up your own business

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Investing in a Speed Queen laundry

Investing in a laundromat is a simple, proven way to create a profitable business: thanks to Speed Queen’s 100 years of experience and its expert support, the financial and entrepreneurial risks involved in opening a business are considerably reduced. With Speed Queen, the investment is reasonable, calculated and profitable.

After identifying the ideal site for your laundry, Speed Queen will work out a solid business plan with you as a basis for your project. The self-service laundromat market is booming right now: demand is growing and commercial opportunities are there for the taking.

The initial investment will be largely dedicated to equipping your laundry with the best washing machines and dryers on the market. This top-of-the-range equipment is one of the keys to success: reliable machines which require very little maintenance, with fast washing/drying cycles and great performance and satisfied customers and guaranteed income.


How do you open a laundromat?

Opening a laundromat doesn’t require any special training.

Speed Queen provides you with the technical support you need for machine maintenance and offers valuable advice to promote your business. It is a business that is open to all: anyone can take advantage of Speed Queen’s century of experience and proven, profitable concept.

Simple to manage

You can manage your laundromat remotely: take care of opening and closing the premises (and any equipment problems, which are very rare). Everything else is automated, the wash cycles, the payment process. No need to leave your current job: you can combine the two activities without difficulty.

Choose your location carefully

Good location is the first key to a successful laundromat. Your premises will draw its clients from the immediate neighborhood so locate it in a shopping street or a place with many passers-by.

Speed Queen experts have the know-how and demographic data necessary to choose the best location for your laundromat. They draw up a draft business plan with you and guide you every step of the way.

How much does a laundromat cost?

The start-up costs will depend on the location and size of the laundromat and the number of machines installed, but also on the additional services you want to offer (vending machines, free Wi-Fi…).

Contact us to work out an accurate estimate that suits your budget

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Laundromat equipment

Speed Queen professional washing machines

Thanks to advances in computing, Speed Queen can optimally balance the load, reduce vibrations to a minimum, strategically locate the stabilizing springs and design heavy-duty washing machines.

Speed Queen washing machines are lighter, more robust and quieter than ever.

Nowadays, Speed Queen offers very short washing cycles: in 30 minutes, our machines can wash more than 20 kg of laundry per cycle. The spin speed of Speed Queen machines (factor G200, G350 or G400, depending on the model) considerably reduces drying times and brings down the laundromat’s electricity bill.

But these advances were not made at the expense of the linen: our equipment is designed to washing textiles in depth without damaging them, with optimal water use and as quickly as possible.

Some of our biggest innovations are the Quantum Gold and Quantum Silver controls: they allow machines to be connected to a network and managed remotely, make it possible to program dozens of cycle combinations and water levels, quick and easy PC programming, varied prices according to service required and time slots…

Speed Queen offers a wide range of professional washing machines the better to meet its customers’ needs:

SPEED QUEEN HARD MOUNT – Rigid base machines
Models Capacity in kg
SC 20 9
SC 30 14
SC 40 18
SC 60 27
SPEED QUEEN SOFT MOUNT – Suspended wringers
Models Capacity in kg
SY 65 7
SY 80 8
SY 105 11
SY 135 14
SY 180 18
SY 240 24
SY 280 28
Washing Machine

Washing Machine – Model SC 60

Industrial Dryer

Industrial Dryer – Model SU075

Our industrial dryers

The ability to dry your laundry in barely 30 minutes is a definite advantage, especially when the weather is particularly damp. Only a laundromat provides this kind of service.

Our dryers are the result of many years of research and development. They reach ideal temperature and airflow in a few seconds to dry laundry quickly without damaging it. Here too, Speed Queen offers many different models.

The large load capacity of Speed Queen dryers allows users to dry large items of laundry, such as comforters, at the change of season.

Models Capacity in kg
SUT30 stack tumbler 14
SUT45 stack tumbler 20
SU025 11
SU030 14
SU035 16
SU055 25
SU075 34

Although large, our machines can be stacked to save space

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Other services
Other services

Other services

Speed Queen designs user-friendly payment terminals to make it easy for clients to pay. Very simple to use, these terminals greatly enhance customer experience and contribute directly to your success.

We recommend installing a video surveillance system as well as disabled access. If you offer these services, customer experience is improved.

Additional services that you can offer include:

  • Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Relaxation room
  • A safe play space for kids
  • Dispensing machines for coffee or snacks
  • TV
  • Soap and detergent dispensers

Find the laundromat nearest to you

Find the Speed Queen laundromat nearest to you, thanks to our Laundromat Locator. There is a detailed factsheet on each laundromat: contact number, address, opening hours, number of machines available, prices, photos of the premises…

Speed Queen Stores

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Owning a Speed Queen self-service laundry only takes a few minutes of your time each day, with a low investment and quick returns.

And that makes time to relax – your Speed Queen self-service laundry will be working for you.

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As a manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment for more than 100 years, Speed ​​Queen is now the world's No. 1 in self service laundromats.

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